Swimming Pool Maintenance

Keeping a pool running and in good condition requires dedication and knowledge. For most pool owners the balance between enjoyment and work put in can be too much. That is when you need to call Pool Ace, we are the pool maintenance and repair experts, we can ensure that your pool is in great condition and that all the pool equipment, from the pump to the cover, is in good working repair.

Pool Ace can not only provide regular or emergency maintenance services but are also able to offer pool equipment repairs, ensuring that your pool is fully functional at all times.

Are maintenance service including repairing / replacing :

  • Circulation Pumps
  • Sand filter media changes
  • Complete filter and multi port valves
  • Leaking pipework replaced
  • Pool lights repaired/ upgrades
  • Water testing
  • Leak detection
  • Solar Covers supplied and fitted
  • Minor tiling and repairs to shells/liners
  • Boiler servicing Laars/Certikin Etc
  • Auto pool cleaners Polaris/Haywood


Pool Pumps

The pool pump is a hard working device and is important in ensuring that the pool stays blue and doesn’t start to turn green. Unfortunately this places a lot of pressure on the pump and they will quite often need servicing, repairs and even replacement. If you want to make sure that your pool is well maintained then you need to make sure that your pump is in good working condition.


Pool Heating

If you have or want pool heating or it needs to be repaired or maintained then you need to talk us. We can help you to work out what you want from pool heating, what your budget is and what your options are. With a good servicing they can also often reduce the operational costs of the pool heating by increasing the efficiency. No matter whether you want pool heating or it needs servicing or repairs we can help.


Covers and Blankets

Pool Cover

Pool Ace can also help with covers and blankets. They offer free onsite quotes for Pool Blankets, Leaf Covers and Pool Blanket Rollers.  We will custom measure your pool and talk over the benefits of the different options so that you will get a pool blanket or cover that meets your needs and suits the pool. With the right blanket or cover you can reduce the amount of water loss, reduce the need for pumping and heating, saving you money and reducing the environmental footprint of your pool.

Summer (solar) bubble blankets also help to keep valuable chemicals in and some dirt and leaves out . Winter debris covers will keep out most debris such as leaves and twigs through the winter . They also offer a degree of safety protection for small children and animals too. A slatted or fabric woven cover ( either manual or more often electric powered ) can do both jobs in one and offer a higher level of safety, but of course are more expensive.